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An affordable and comfortable alternative prosthetic arm. Two London entrepreneurs are slashing the cost of prosthetics by creating a multi-tool-style arm which can be customised by swapping attachments for different tasks. Emer McCarthy reports. Editor's Choice Pictures. Our top photos from the last 24 hours. What supersonic travel means for you. There was a time when the possibilities of air travel seemed limitless. Boeing's 747 "Jumbo Jet" supersized commerical aviation, then Concorde took it supersonic. WhyHelsinki is a paradise for island-hopping. Helsinki is one of Europe's best, effect diabetes but least shouted-about, cultural destinations, writes The Mail on Sunday's Michael Hodges. Here's how to island hop your way round the city... Protests Erupt in Hong Kong, Overshadowing Chinas National Day Parade. The contrast of National Day pageantry in Beijing versus anti-government mayhem in Hong Kong was almost certainly infuriating to President Xi Jinping. Hong Kong descended into chaos. In flag-covered Beijing, almost no one noticed. In the tightly-censored bubble of state-run media and restricted internet, Beijing locals enjoyed their October 1 National Day seemingly unaware that in Hong Kong, which is Chinese territory, police and protesters were fighting in the streets. SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE Cara Delevingne's mother is to reveal all about her heroin hell in new book. SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE Society stylist Pandora Delevingne, mother of top models Cara and best thing to take for acne Poppy, has criticised Britain's 'horrific' treatment of drug addicts. Harvard Does Not Discriminate Against Asian-Americans in Admissions, Judge Rules. The lawsuit presented one of the biggest challenges to affirmative action in years, and is almost certain to reach the Supreme Court. Being Young, Active and Physically Fit May Be Very Good for Your Brain. Physically fit young adults have healthier white matter in their brains and better thinking skills than young people who are out of shape.

Skeletal remains of a man, 59, and his dog are found after eight years in Germany. Firefighters broke into the flat and made the grim discovery while they were evacuating the apartment block (pictured) in Senden, western Germany, during a blaze in the cellar. Vast iceberg bigger than Los Angeles breaks off Antarctic shelf. A enormous iceberg bigger than Los Angeles or Greater London has separated from the Amery Ice Shelf in Antarctica, the largest to do so in more than half a century. Pantyhose That Make You Think. An exhibition in England shows how artists have used womens hosiery to talk about race, gender and subversion. Sarah Budge, John Ibrahim celebrate her acquittal with overseas trip. Vindicated model Sarah Budge and her lover John Ibrahim have jetted overseas to New York City to celebrate her acquittal - and the end of her travel ban. Indonesian villagers cooking with gas - from garbage. June 15 - A community in East Java, Indonesia, is turning methane from the local garbage dump into gas for more than 400 homes. Local authorities have set up a system where methane produced by rotting waste is extracted and pumped to villages nearby, turning greenhouse gas emissions into useful energy. Tara Cleary reports. History in Bloom in Bulgaria. A festival In Kazanlak, Bulgaria, in June will celebrate the Damask rose grown in the country. 18 New Books to Watch For in October. Ronan Farrows expos about power, stories by Zadie Smith, a former C.I.A. agents tell-all and more. Rugby news Agustin Creevy labels England boring ahead of crucial World Cup Pool C showdown. NIK SIMON IN TOKYO Argentina legend Agustin Creevy says it will be war against 'boring' England in Saturday's Pool C showdown. he Pumas lost their opening match to France.
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